Well here it goes…my husband was right!  There, I said it.  So what was he right about?  NOT to install our new laminate over our existing linoleum.  Of course, I had done all the research that said it was perfectly ok.  I watched videos.  The floor was straight, the linoleum was not damaged. 

My argument was that the linoleum was going to be a terror to remove (we are talking about 450 sq. ft. of flooring) and not to mention the fact that it was glued down to a 1/4” sheet of plywood that I thought was also glued to the subfloor.

Installing the laminate over the linoleum would mean that the floor would be 3/8” higher, but I had researched this also and I was going to simply use a transition molding.  Aesthetically yes, being that it is an open floor plan, all one level would look better, but like I said, I was thinking it was way too much work when there was an easier option.  

My husband, being the persistent man that he is, showed me that the laminate was already pulling up on it’s own after we removed the shoe molding, and that the plywood was only tacked down with staples and not glue like I had originally thought. 

I decided to listen to him, and I was soooo glad I did.  What we found underneath our linoleum convinced me that installing laminate over linoleum was not the greatest idea.

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