We have a lovely dog that we adopted from a shelter a while back that loves to be outside.  And as lovely as she is, she digs, chews and destroys anything in her path.  Her latest destruction, our brake light wires for our boat trailer.  So, when we decided just to pick up a small above ground pool for the kids, I was sure that she would chew the pool, pump, or whatever else she could get her hands on. The solution?  We needed a partition fence.  The result?  We built one for about $100.00.  Not bad huh.  Well, I decided to share the plans online....just in case your dog is related to ours.

And the left over scrapswell I built a Monogrammed Outdoor Bench!

Well, I have never had normal dogs and one of them refuses to sleep in the dog house that is outside.  She also refuses to sleep indoors, and we have to force her into the garage during bad weather.  We rescued her from a shelter, and I think that a lot of her "eccentric" behavior has to do with what she was used to at one time.  So, in my search for the perfect outdoor bed, I saw a picture for a dog bed on Ana White's website that inspired me.  There were no actual plans for the project, so I created my own.  I actually decided to make the sides higher to help block out some of the weather since she refuses to be enclosed:) 

Here it is, a clothes organizer for the school week that you can build yourself.  I have included pictures from sketch up so you can follow along as you build.  The best part is..it is cheap, and it mounts easily against a closet wall! This organizer can hold a week's worth of clothes for TWO kids, shoes, bookbags and lunch packs included!  With all the shelving, you could do almost anything with this piece of furniture that you desire...

Now do note this is my 1st project in Sketch Up...I'm a newbie, so if something looks crazy...well...And I'm new to the blog world, so if you ever have any suggestions for what you would like to see, please let me know.  I am learning as I go:)


2-13" 1x3
2-13" 1x2
4-43" 1x2
3-18" 1x2
26-9" 1x2

4-46 1/4"x9" (3/4" plywood)
10-11 1/2"x9" (3/4" plywood)
1- 52"x9" (3/4" plywood)
3-18"x9" (3/4" plywood)


1- (3/4" sheet of plywood)
1-3' 1x3
7-8' 1x2

After you have made all of your cuts, begin by attaching the 1x2 9" cleats to the 46 1/4"x9"- (3/4" plywood) using either 1 1/4" screws or 18g finishing nails and glue.  I preferred the nail method, and it has held very well over time. Remember to complete this on all 4- 46 1/4"x9"- (3/4"plywood). You are building 2 of these units.
After all the cleats have been placed, you will then place the 11 1/2" x 9" shelves on top of each cleat, starting at the bottom and working upward.  Use glue and finishing nails (nail gun is preferred).  Now remember, to also nail the shelf in from the sides as well for extra support.  Note that you will be doing this x2 for the 2nd side.
Here is the moment where you will connect the top.  You will need to make sure you leave an18" gap between both storage shelves in order to accommodate the middle shelving.  There will be some overhang on both sides of the top. I connected the top using 1 1/4" screws.  I simply screwed them in to each of the sides (all 4) and then used wood filler for the holes.  You could use pockethole screws here, but just remember that you are working with limited space of the top shelf.  And for me, I was putting it in the closet anyway, so the screws did not bother me..   
So, now that the top is on, time for the middle shelves.  Just attach the 1x2 cleats the same as you did in the initial step.  I did not put exact inches here because you just simply need to line it up with the corresponding shelves that you see in the picture, or change them up as you see fit.  It's whatever works best for your storage space.  Be creative.
For your final steps, you will want to attach all trim to the front face frame using glue and 1 1/4" finishing nails.  Note, that the smaller shelves do not contain any trim boards.  There should be trim boards on the long sides, top, and middle shelves. 

I also decided to add a 1x3-13" trim to both of the bottoms of the tall shelving units.  You can choose to do this as well or leave it open it you desire.  Please note that the cutlist INCLUDES the measurements for including the bottom trim.  If you choose NOT to add it then just increase your side trim boards to 45 1/2".

Hope you enjoy!!!  And stay organized!
I know, here I go again.  Another lap desk.  But this one is super easy to make, and when you have 5 kids everyone wants something!  To top it all off, I used finishing wax which makes for a really durable and nice finish.  I also used a spray paint directly over the wood without primer and then sanded it some to give it a little of a worn look.  All of this leading to a really cute desk!

4- 9"         1x2
2- 16 1/2" 1x2
1- 11 1/2" 1x2
2- 13"       1/2
1- 18"x13" 1/4in plywood

Step 1:

Attach the 18" 1x2 to the 11 1/2" 1x2 using 1 1/4" screws and wood glue.  I used a corner clamp to ensure that the boards stayed square while attaching.

Step 2:

For this step, I attached the 11 1/2" board directly in the center using 1 1/4" screws and wood glue.  This is to make sure that the top has a little extra support since I chose to go with a very thin plywood. 

Step 3:

Now, simply come from the inside and attach each leg (9" 1x2) to the inside of the desk top using 1 1/4" screws and wood glue.  Be sure to screw from the inside so that you don't have to fill any holes in later.  Of course, as you know, I didn't do this on my first go round...brain freeze.

Once all legs are attached it should look something like this....
Step 4:

For this step, attach the top with 1" finishing nails and wood glue.  Once the top is attached, sand the entire table smooth.

Step 5:

Choose a color for the desk and spray paint, allow to dry, and then sand.  Make sure to leave some wood exposed to give it that old look.  Once that is completed, just take some finishing wax and rub over desk following the instructions.  
Final Step:


I had some scrap wood laying around the garage like I always do, so I decided to put it to use.  I wanted something cute and fun, but purposeful...especially with the things going on in the world today.  So, here is my simple, rustic wood sign that hopefully speaks volumes just in the picture itself, and as always, it is an easy DIY project!!!


-Scrap wood pieces of your choice and size
-Scrap piece of 1/4" plywood just 1" smaller around the margin that you intend the sign to be
-stains in varying colors

The first thing to do is take your random pieces of scrap wood and lay them out onto your 1/4" sheet plywood into a pattern that you are happy with...and don't be afraid to rearrange until you get it just the way you want it.  This is BK and you can have it your way:)  (You can cut off any overhangs later)

So, once you have figured out where everything goes, draw the pattern that you would like cut-out onto the wood.  I used a heart for simplicity, but you could use a star, circle, flower, etc...you get what I mean.


At this point, you would need to cut out the design.  Having pre-drawn your design makes cutting easy!  All you have to do is cut out the design on each board individually...and this can be done with either a band saw or a jig saw.  A small Dremel tool may even work also.

After all the cuts are made, put your puzzle back together:) and then make sure it all is to your liking. 

Now, remove the loose boards and just paint the background any color you would like and allow it to dry.  Then, stain various boards different colors.  To avoid have a lot of similarly stained boards side by side, I would either pre-mark the boards or rearrange them to what the original design looks like and then stain.  To attach the boards, just simply use a good quality wood glue and WAIT for it to DRY.
For the inside message, I decided to use a pencil and write it out first.  This helps because if you make a mistake it is erasable, paint is not.

Once your message is written, paint it.  I used a bronze color for the word "Love" and "Rose" for the heart.

And the best thing about this project...it can easily be used on a desk or even hung on the wall! Or if you have a really cute boy (sorry I'm biased), you could have him hold it for you!
I have decided to dedicate Wednesdays to wacky and weird furniture!  While watching TV...as I do more of than I should probably (while multi-tasking of course)...I came across a show called Frankenfood. It is a really cool show where you take food that doesn't fit and put it together to make a meal that tastes really good...or so they say. It was this discovery that has prompted me to start showing some of the strange pictures of furniture that I have seen on the web over time.  I have always found it to be a rather entertaining experience, and if you are anyone that knows me you know how I love to laugh. Well, some of these may make you laugh, but there are a few that even I couldn't wrap my head around.  The interesting point....they all FUNCTION as REAL furniture....as strange as they may be.  Check it out!

This piece is strange in so many ways, where do I begin?  A lady in an ice skating pose with a pair of heels and her face covered....uhmmm...one can only say disaster!  But I guess she lights up the room.

Chair and

Table anyone???  Well if the tiger or alien doesn't eat the cow first.

Going to bed in a sandwich...I don't know.  Maybe I have watched too many episodes of Supernatural, where the Leviathans are eating the world, but how could you go to bed and not feel like a part of someone's meal?

Woooahhh!  Slide over Rover, there is competition for marking the territory!  Well, I guess this one doesn't require cleaning.

And last but not least....the famous saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure"....literally.

Hope you enjoyed!  Til' next week!