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About three years ago I decided to try my hand at my first flooring installation, and it went so well that I have completed four more rooms and two hallways…by myself.  Well, my husband may have cut a few boards, but I hand tapped them all in.  It was really easy and went quicker than I could have ever expected.  Not only that, but I get to enjoy a beautiful floor and say goodbye to my allergen trapping carpet.  Everyone is happy.  So, I wanted to share some techniques I learned along the way and give you guys step-by-step instructions to make installing your floor a smooth process.

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Toy Box; Girls toy box
One of our family friends decided they wanted a personalized toy box for their precious little girl, and they did not want to pay the high store prices.  So, after showing me a picture of the dream toy box I was more than happy to help build them exactly what they wanted.  Just let me also add that this toy box is huge and super solid, and the good news is that it is easy to build.

Here is the picture that they wanted the toy box designed liked....minus the ballerina slippers and ribbon:)  (photo courtesy of pinterest/fb53f2bfd3cc763cfb773828e2b86b10)