I am so proud to finally be able to present my new entryway built-in to help complete my hallway transformation!  I am even happier that I will not have shoes scattered all over my kitchen floor, book bags and papers on my kitchen counters, and coats on my table.  It is truly a glorious day:)  And I have managed to build this for less than $150.00!  It has everything we need...shoe storage...coat rack...and shelving for storage.  The best part is that it is easy to build and I'm going to show you how to do it!  If you missed Part 1 of the hallway transformation click here. 

To start with, this entryway storage is built by building three pieces; two shelving units and a bench.  Then, they are all mounted to the studs in the walls and then all the trims and extras are added to create the beautiful built in that you are seeing now.