Hole Repair, Tub Repair, Home Improvement
Not all repairs end well unfortunately, especially when following the vague directions listed in the packet.  So, today I will show you how NOT to repair a hole in the tub.

The short story behind the hole begins simply with my eight year old’s elbow pressing into the tub and…then the hole.  Now the tub is nothing special.  We bought the house brand new, but it came with the wonderful builder grade tub which showed by its lack of strength.  My husband and I decided that purchasing a new tub was simply not a priority at this time and because we are shower people, we opted to just leave it. 

My hallway had been drab for so long.  It is really wide, plain, and everything was basic and neutral.  Nothing seemed to stand out.  I had been struggling with what to do with it for a long time.  I added an accent table that I built and put some nice wooden block letters on it, but it was too small for the space.  It ended up looking like a mouse in a castle…if that’s even an expression.  So, now I think I have found the solution with an adorable built in, and I hope to present it to you guys very soon.  Not only will it offer much needed decoration, but some much needed storage space as well.

As for now, it is simply a painted door.  But just painting the door at this point has given so much more life to the hallway. A couple of coats of paint, an hour of time, and I was finished, just like that.  In fact, I have ideas for painting more doors.  It adds just the right amount of spark needed.

For some reason whenever I finish putting down a floor, I always take an extra couple of months before I’m ready to put down the shoe molding.  Why?  It is definitely not because it is hard, but maybe because sometimes I procrastinate.  And I will not tell a lie, I hated trying to measure the length that I needed with tape measures, holding it against the wall, etc. So, today I have to show you a really easy way to measure and cut those angles.  Trust me; this will make your life very simple.

We have a lovely dog that we adopted from a shelter a while back that loves to be outside.  And as lovely as she is, she digs, chews and destroys anything in her path.  Her latest destruction, our brake light wires for our boat trailer.  So, when we decided just to pick up a small above ground pool for the kids, I was sure that she would chew the pool, pump, or whatever else she could get her hands on. The solution?  We needed a partition fence.  The result?  We built one for about $100.00.  Not bad huh.  Well, I decided to share the plans online....just in case your dog is related to ours.

And the left over scrapswell I built a Monogrammed Outdoor Bench!