My hallway had been drab for so long.  It is really wide, plain, and everything was basic and neutral.  Nothing seemed to stand out.  I had been struggling with what to do with it for a long time.  I added an accent table that I built and put some nice wooden block letters on it, but it was too small for the space.  It ended up looking like a mouse in a castle…if that’s even an expression.  So, now I think I have found the solution with an adorable built in, and I hope to present it to you guys very soon.  Not only will it offer much needed decoration, but some much needed storage space as well.

As for now, it is simply a painted door.  But just painting the door at this point has given so much more life to the hallway. A couple of coats of paint, an hour of time, and I was finished, just like that.  In fact, I have ideas for painting more doors.  It adds just the right amount of spark needed.