Where oh where have the cupcakes gone?  Well, right here on your new Rustic Cupcake Stand!  And yes, you CAN build it yourself.  Why all the enthusiasm? Only because I'm so excited to share this beautifulncupcake stand that I built for a wedding last fall.  It holds 80-90 cupcakes and stands 24 1/2" tall.  Don't be overwhelmed by it's size just yet...it is portable and each tier can be taken off and reassembled as needed!  So, if you want to use the bottom tiers alone, you can.  If you need a smaller display, just use the upper tiers.  Now, enough of sounding like a home shopping network salesperson....

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Towel Rack
We have been remodeling our downstairs bathroom, and I am soooo happy to say we are almost finished.  You read the problems we had when we first started…our yucky mold, replacing our drain pipe, part of our subfloor, and toilet flange…and ALMOST calling in outside forces.  We did manage to see it through though, and we couldn’t be happier that we have that project under our belt…and we’re still married…yah! 

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I had some scrap wood laying around the garage like I always do, so I decided to put it to use.  I wanted something cute and fun, but purposeful...especially with the things going on in the world today.  So, here is my simple, rustic wood sign that hopefully speaks volumes just in the picture itself, and as always, it is an easy DIY project!!!


-Scrap wood pieces of your choice and size
-Scrap piece of 1/4" plywood just 1" smaller around the margin that you intend the sign to be
-stains in varying colors

The first thing to do is take your random pieces of scrap wood and lay them out onto your 1/4" sheet plywood into a pattern that you are happy with...and don't be afraid to rearrange until you get it just the way you want it.  This is BK and you can have it your way:)  (You can cut off any overhangs later)

So, once you have figured out where everything goes, draw the pattern that you would like cut-out onto the wood.  I used a heart for simplicity, but you could use a star, circle, flower, etc...you get what I mean.


At this point, you would need to cut out the design.  Having pre-drawn your design makes cutting easy!  All you have to do is cut out the design on each board individually...and this can be done with either a band saw or a jig saw.  A small Dremel tool may even work also.

After all the cuts are made, put your puzzle back together:) and then make sure it all is to your liking. 

Now, remove the loose boards and just paint the background any color you would like and allow it to dry.  Then, stain various boards different colors.  To avoid have a lot of similarly stained boards side by side, I would either pre-mark the boards or rearrange them to what the original design looks like and then stain.  To attach the boards, just simply use a good quality wood glue and WAIT for it to DRY.
For the inside message, I decided to use a pencil and write it out first.  This helps because if you make a mistake it is erasable, paint is not.

Once your message is written, paint it.  I used a bronze color for the word "Love" and "Rose" for the heart.

And the best thing about this project...it can easily be used on a desk or even hung on the wall! Or if you have a really cute boy (sorry I'm biased), you could have him hold it for you!