By the end of this project I hope you are like me, sighing relief!  I am so happy to finally have something to rest my computer on besides my legs, and a place to put my some of my supplies.  This desk was actually very simple, and it took just some of my scrap wood that I already had on hand.  My children have already taken over, of course. So, I'm sure I'll be making a lot more in the future!

1- 48"   2x2
1- 6'     1x4 or 1x3
1- 24"x11 1/2"  3/4"plywood
1- 24" 1x2

1 set of hinges


4- 11" 2x2
2- 21" 1x4
2- 10" 1x4
1- 11 1/2"x24" 3/4" plywood or 1x12
1- 24" 1x2

To begin...Once you have cut all the pieces, drill pocket holes on both ends of each 1x4.  Then, take the first 1x4 and attach it to the inside of the leg and flush with the top.  There should be a 3/4" gap to the front of the 1x4.  If you note in the picture you will do this to all the 1x4, so basically they will form a "box in the center when you are done attaching them all.  Note that both 1x4s meet together at a 90 degree angle, and if you were to look from the front view you should note a 3/4" gap.  Tip:  When attaching the boards, it may difficult to leave the gap, so it will make it easier if you rest another board of the same thickness as the 1x4 underneath.


This is an example that I took from another project just to show you how to help keep the distance you need from the edge when attaching the sides to the legs.


Now, once all the sides have been attached this is what it should look like.  You should have the beginning frame of your beautiful desk.  At this point, it is important to check for square and adjust as needed. 


Take the 1/4" plywood board and cut a 3/4" square out of each corner.  This will allow the plywood bottom to not only cover the drawer, but to also make sure there are no gaps.  Of course, if you cut too much you could end up with a blooper just as myself....see below.  What can I say?  You win some and you lose some.


So, after I repaired the blooper with some wood filler and then attached a 1x2 board to the top edge with glue and screws.  This will act as the support ledge for the desk top and is where you will mount one side of your hinges.  You will want to make sure that this board is attached securely.

To finish off the table, you will want to stain or paint all the parts, to include the top that is not attached at this point.  Once this has been done, then attach the top to the desk with the hinges.  As you can see in the picture, I used modge podge and attached card stock to the top of my desk.  I also then let a little stain smudge into the edge to give it and older look.  All in all I think it turned out wonderful....just check out the pictures below!  It would be even better if I could get it back from my children:)



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