So it is officially the first day of fall, and I thought I would celebrate with a cute DIY pumpkin box.  Fall is my favorite season, and I would be doing it a complete injustice if I didn’t have at least something that represented what I love most…everything pumpkin.  Now, for all those who know me, I have to make it my own, so it’s an abstract pumpkin box that is super easy to make and has really cute storage for maybe some candy, keys or miscellaneous items that don’t yet have a home.  The best part about this project was I was able to use scrap wood!  So, high five for no cost to me!  I’m sure you can find some scraps laying around also…it really doesn’t take much at all.


4-5”x7” ½ in. plywood

4-2”x7” ½ in. plywood

1-9”x9” ¼ in plywood (bottom) (cut to fit)

1-9”x9” ½ in plywood (top) (cut to fit)

½ in simple hinges


Finishing nails

First I used the table saw to cut my scrap strips of plywood to the correct size.  Once they were all cut I tilted the blade to 22.5 degrees so I could miter the edges to fit at an angle to form the correct shape.  I then mitered both sides of each piece of wood.  Be careful with the small strips.  When mitering them, make sure to clamp a larger piece of wood in between the fence and wood so that there is a larger working area and ALWAYS use your push stick.  You do not want to lose a finger unless you are looking for an authentic Halloween decoration.

Now that the pieces are cut, you will need to glue the sides.  Because each of them sits at an angle, they will want to fall off before the glue sets, and they will not clamp easily.  So, to help things stay in place until the glue dries just add a dab of hot glue from the glue gun and hold tight.  This will steady the project. 

To make it easier to assemble the box, put together half of it and allow it to fully dry before assembling the rest.  Now, knowing me, that was hard (read Project Planning), but I made it through.  It really doesn’t take long at all.

Once all the sides are

complete, sit the box on the ¼ in plywood square and trace around the sides.  Now, just cut it out with the jigsaw or a Dremel tool and attach with glue and finishing nails.  If you don’t have finishing nails, I’m sure as small as this project is a good wood glue allowed to completely dry would work as well, as long as you keep the bottom attach well during drying.

Time for the top!  Just turn over the box and trace it onto the ½ in plywood square just as you did the bottom.  Cut it out and attach the hinge to the back.  Voila your box is built. Time for decorating!


For the paint, I watered down a basic orange acrylic to allow some wood grain to show through. 


Then I took a copper paint and painted around the edges, not touching in the middle.


Then I took a basic brown acrylic paint and shadowed in the edges and brushed some streaks randomly across the box. 

I then painted and glued a little wooden flower pot turned upside from Michaels’s to the top, cut out some “leaves” from chevron burlap ribbon….

And then there it was, my abstract pumpkin box with lots of storage.  Love it!



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