So, I’m kind of obsessed with desks, but when you have as many people living in your house as I do you would understand.  Someone always needs you to sign something, write something down, kids have to do homework, etc…you get the point. Well, this desk is super quick and easy to build and fits in small spaces.


2-15 ½” x 28 ¼” 3/4in plywood

1-15 ½”x 29” 3/4in plywood

4-27 ½” 1x2

2-29” 1x2

1-27 ½” 1x2

Supply List:

1-6’ 1x2

2-8’ 1x2

1-4x4 sheet 3/4in plywood

18g finishing nails

First step, attach the top (15 ½”x29” 3/4in plywood) to both of the side using finishing nails and glue.  Make sure the top is flush with both sides.

Next, attach the 1x2 trim around the sides and top, both front and back of the desk, using finishing nails and glue. 

Now, attach the 1x2 brace along the inside of the back of the desk using finishing nails and glue.  Attach this about 5 inches down from the top of the desk.

Finally, sand, prime and paint…or stain if you like.  Either way it’s just that easy.  The desk is the height of a standard desk so either a chair or a stool will fit easily. Enjoy!



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