If you can remember, my daughter decided a while back that she wanted a Vintage Paris themed room.  Of course, she has added her own little eccentric twists like a bold purple couch, but just enough to show her personality.  So, I decided to build her a desk and bookcase to “fit” the design of her room.  We used modge podge to create a unique addition to the desk that you can check out here.  The bookcase itself also has some little details that I think makes it stand out from the standard everyday bookcase.  It is amazing how adding just a few changes to a basic design can make such a big impact.


(note that I say pine board, but any wood will work)

1-4’x8’ 3/4inch plywood

2-6’ 1x2 pine board

1-4’ casing (for trim around the top)

1-8’ decorative trim board (3/4-1 1/2inch)

1-36” 1x3 pine board

1-2’x8’ 1/4inch plywood


1 ¼” pockethole screws

1 ¼” screws

18g 1 ¼” finishing nails  


2-65 ¼” x 11 ¼”  3/4inch plywood

5-16” x 11 ¼” 3/4inch plywood

1-17 ½” x 11 ¼” 3/4inch plywood (top)

2-61” 1x2 pine board

2-17 ¼” 1x3 pine board

5-14 ½” 3/4inch decorative trim

1-17 ½”x 66” 1/4inch plywood

1-17 ½” case trim with both ends mitered to 45 degrees (measurement is from inside of board, mitered edge will extend past 17 ½”)

2-12” case trim with one end mitered to 45 degrees and one straight cut (measurement is from inside of casing, mitered edge will extend past 12”)

First, attach the top to both sides using glue and 1 ¼” screws drilled in from the top.  Once the top is on, attach the bottom shelf 1 ¼” from the bottom using 1 ¼” pockethole screws and glue and test for square.


Next, measure 10” up and attach the next shelf using 1 ¼” pockethole screws and glue.  Continue to do this for all shelves.  Notice that all shelves are 10” apart except for the top two.  They are 20” and 10 ¼”. 


Now, you will take the 1x3 pine boards and attach them to top and bottom using glue and finishing nails.  Then, take both of the side trim 1x2 pine boards and attach using glue and finishing nails.  I know that some people like to put the face frame together and then attach to the bookcase, but I find that I have a little more control when placing the boards individually.  Again, this method is completely up to you.  At this point you will want to paint and prime your bookcase. Here I used antique white.

Finally, it is time to spruce up your bookcase.  Take the 1/4 inch plywood and paint it PRIOR to attaching to the bookcase. Here I used twilight (sort of a lavender color). Then, attach it to the back of the bookcase with finishing nails, making sure the paint side is showing from the front.  Next, stain the case molding and attach it the top of the bookcase using finishing nails.  Now, take the decorative trim and stain it.  After it is stained, take a dry brush and some antique white paint and lightly stroke across the trim.  This adds a little extra detail to the finish of the trim.  And finally, attach the decorative trim to the edge of each shelf using finishing nails.

When you are finished you will have a beautiful and sturdy bookcase.  Enjoy! 



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