I’m so excited about my newest creation…a dump truck shaped colored pencil holder, because if your children are anything like mine organization is not priority. So, I hoped by creating a cute “toy like” holder for their supplies that I may win the war.  I also needed to finally try out my band saw that I’ve had since Christmas…yes, I said Christmas.  Time is not my friend. 

But today I finally got some “me” time, so I decided to try to create some things that have been on my idea list forever.  I really loved this one because not only is it really cute, but it is versatile as well and can hold crayons, pens, and markers also! It also is helps to downsize my pile of scrap wood:)  So, how do you create one of your own?  Well very easy…


Scrap piece of 2x6


7/16” Spade bit, or drill bit

Band Saw or Jig Saw

To begin just trace your design of choice onto your scrap piece of 2x6. 

Then cut out the design either using the band saw or the jig saw…and may I just add that I am in love with my band saw…really wished I would have used it sooner.

Now, using the spade bit or drill bit, make the holes for the colored pencils.  Make sure to measure starting points for each hole so that they are all evenly spaced.  I set mine 3/4” apart but yours may be different depending on how big your total piece is.

Once the design has been cut out completely, sand it and then paint it.  Add a few colored pencils and enjoy!

Add a few colored pencils and enjoy!  Be creative and try different designs. 




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