Ughhh! I never manage to keep up with a pair of earrings or a necklace for long regardless of how many jewelry boxes I have bought or how many drawers I have allotted specifically for that purpose over the years.  So, I decided that I needed to fix my problem because I was tired of wasting money.  My solution…build something that is easy to use and sits easily on a dresser (which is where they all end up anyway).  So, the end result is this really cute jewelry holder that is literally made out of a few pieces of scrap wood and a plastic mesh canvas that you can find for cents in the yarn craft section.  And what will it organize?  Well try earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and ponytail holders (because I lose them tooJ)


Plastic Mesh Canvas

1x3 scrap pieces

1x6 scrap piece

Stain or paint

Finishing wax (or finish of your choice if not using stain)

Furniture tacks

Small Corner brackets

Begin by cutting all your boards so the canvas overlaps each board by 1” on all sides.  Cut a 1x3 board to match the length of the bottom 1x3 board. 


Sand and stain all pieces.


Now, attach by placing the plastic mesh in the correct position, applying one of the corner brackets over the top and screwing through.  This will allow it to not only hold the plastic mesh canvas down but to also hold the adjoining boards together.  Do this for all four sides making sure to keep the canvas tight as you attach it.


If there are any parts that bubble up or do not lay flat, place a thumbtack to hold it in place.

Screw in some “C” hooks on the side of the 1x6 scrap board in the pattern seen in the picture, or in any pattern you desire by pre-drilling the holes and then hand twisting each one in place.  Continue to place the “C” hooks on each board in the pattern you see in the picture or in whatever manner suits your specific needs.

Now, place your earrings, necklaces and bracelets on your final project, and never lose them again….or so I hopeJ  And don’t forget your ponytail holders.



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