I am so proud to finally be able to present my new entryway built-in to help complete my hallway transformation!  I am even happier that I will not have shoes scattered all over my kitchen floor, book bags and papers on my kitchen counters, and coats on my table.  It is truly a glorious day:)  And I have managed to build this for less than $150.00!  It has everything we need...shoe storage...coat rack...and shelving for storage.  The best part is that it is easy to build and I'm going to show you how to do it!  If you missed Part 1 of the hallway transformation click here. 

To start with, this entryway storage is built by building three pieces; two shelving units and a bench.  Then, they are all mounted to the studs in the walls and then all the trims and extras are added to create the beautiful built in that you are seeing now. 


3-1x2 furring strips (for mounting cleats)

4-8' 1x2 boards

1-8' baseboard

1-8' case molding

2-8' 1x4 board

1-6' 1x6 board

2 sheets 3/4 in plywood




finishing nails

coat hooks


4-15" 1x2 furring strip

4-14 1/2" 1x2 furring strip

2-23 1/2" 1x2 furring strip

4-13 1/2" 1x2 furring strip

3-17 1/4" 1x2

4-69" 1x2

4-15" 1x4

2-50" 1x4

1-50" 1x6

2-15" 1x6

Cut all your pieces of wood first and separate them according to what part of the project they fit.  This will help you stay organized and move quickly.

To build the shelving unit I decided to use the Kreg Pockethole Jig to attach the shelves and mounting cleat.  Starting from the bottom of the shelving unit side measure up 4 3/4"  and attach the first shelf.  I use spacers here because it helps to not only support the shelf but will give you more to nail the baseboard trim into when you are done.  Now, for next shelf, measure up 111/4" in and attach a shelf here.  For the next shelves, take a 14 1/4" in spacer board and use it to keep the space between the shelves while attaching with the Kreg Pockethole Jig. 

 Once all shelves and the top are attached on this side, place glue on the outer shelf edges and flip it over to the other side.  Line all the shelves up, make sure the shelving unit is square and then attach the shelves.  Attach the 1x2 cleat mounting cleat using pockethole screws.  Repeat the same for the second shelving unit. Once both are completed, attach the 1x2 trim with finishing nails.
Now its time for the bench.  Screw together two of the bench support plywood sheets.  If they are not even, then either sand or flush them together.  Attach the bench supports flush to both ends of the bench using pockethole screws.  Then, measure 23.5 in over and attach the middle double support.  Now, measure up 9 in and attach the shelf support cleats.  Attach the mounting cleats to the back of the bench in between the dividers using the Kreg Pockethole screws, and then add the 1x2 trim to the front. 

At this point, prime, paint and stain all parts of your project.  Once this has been done, prepare to install by removing the baseboards.
Begin installing the bench first by screwing the cleats into the studs in the wall using 2 in screws.  If you need help finding studs click here.  Then, place the shelving unit flush against the wall and bench.  Check that the bookcase is plumb by using a leveler, and then attach the cleat to a stud.  If the bookcase is not level, use shims (remember not all floors or walls are level).  Now, repeat with the second shelving unit.  Once this is complete, cut and attach the baseboard around the bottom of the shelving unit and the back of the wall behind the bench.

At this point, take the 1x6 and screw it onto the wall about 60" up from the floor.  Attach the coat hooks evenly spaced across the board.  Now, take the 1x4 board for the shelf, place it on top of the 1x6 and nail down with finishing nails.  Finally, take the other 1x4 and attach directly above the bench, and the then trim the top of it with the quarter round.

Voila! Add some baskets, pillows, etc. and you have a beautiful built-in with plenty of storage! 

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