I have to admit that I recently received the best birthday present ever that has allowed me to create the cutest “Fall” sign for our mantle.  It is the Cricut Explore…and this is not a paid or affiliated post…I really am one excited blogger!  It is worth every penny that my husband spentJ  And do you see the cute little “Candy” box.  It is super easy to make and very similar to the Pumpkin Box that I created earlier. The good thing about this box is, it really holds candy!

So, let me just give you a short story about the problem with my mantle.  It’s too narrow, and because of a “wire hiding box” that is mounted above it, I HAVE to have a TV there.  Which I will be the first to admit; I enjoy my fair share of TV.  However, it does not make for easy or cute decorating.    There are ways to cover it, and maybe that will be a future post when time permits, but for now I am doing what I can. 

Back to the sign.  I have a bunch of scrap pieces of wood in my garage screaming to be used in projects.  So, I took several 1x3s and 1x4s, lined them up, and then nailed two 1x2s running down the back in a perpendicular manner to attach them all together.  I then took and nailed another 1x2 at the top between the already existing 1x2s, just in case I decided to hang the board at some point in time.  Notice that the boards are not all equal.  Once I was finished attaching, I just used my jigsaw and cut off the excess. 
Once this was complete, I sanded and stained the wood.  I had primer on one of the boards from a previous project and I chose to leave some of that on for a little rustic look. 

Now, let’s get to the fun part where I was able to play with my new machine.  I played around with some words that meant fall for me and my family, typed them into the “Create a new project” and let the machine do all the work of cutting them out onto a piece of vinyl for me.  I then took the actual letters off, leaving almost a sticker stencil of what I wanted on my sign, and then stuck that onto the boards.

If you are doing this on your own, remember, you can do this with an x-acto knife and some printed fonts on card stock, or even with bought stencil lettering.  So, once you get to this step, just take some craft paint and a stencil brush and fill in your lettering.  Remove the vinyl stickers or whatever material you have used and admire.

I also decided to add a little something different.  I wanted a pumpkin, but not just your average pumpkin…a pumpkin with flair.  So, I just drew a checkerboard pattern on the pumpkin after painting it the base color and there it is. 

I placed the sign on my mantle beside the other few decorations I have room for…and there it is, a cute fall mantle!

I would love to hear any ideas anyone has for being able to hide the TV when it’s not in use!  Just comment or email me your ideas or links to pictures. 





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