Toy Box; Girls toy box
One of our family friends decided they wanted a personalized toy box for their precious little girl, and they did not want to pay the high store prices.  So, after showing me a picture of the dream toy box I was more than happy to help build them exactly what they wanted.  Just let me also add that this toy box is huge and super solid, and the good news is that it is easy to build.

Here is the picture that they wanted the toy box designed liked....minus the ballerina slippers and ribbon:)  (photo courtesy of pinterest/fb53f2bfd3cc763cfb773828e2b86b10)


2- 8’ 1x3 boards

3- 8’ 1x2 boards

2- 8’ 1x2 furring strips

2- ½ in plywood sheets

1- 8’ 2x2




Pockethole screws


2-37” 1x3

2-17” 1x3

2-17” 1x2

2-37” 1x2

2-37”x13” ½ plywood

2-17”x13” ½ plywood

4-19” 2x2

2-37” 1x2 cleats

2-17” 1x2 cleats

1-40”x20” ½ plywood bottom (notch out corners)

1-41”x21” ½ plywood top

2-19” 1x2

1-38” 1x3 (top curve cut)

Kreg pockethole jig





Finishing nails or screws

As always make all the necessary cuts.  Once these are made drill pocketholes into the bottom of the 1x3 boards and the tops of the 1x2 boards.  Then drill pocketholes into the sides of all the 1x3 and 1x2 boards as well as the ½ in plywood sides.

Attach the 1x3 boards and 1x2 boards to the ½ plywood to create the sides of the toy box. 

Once all the sides are created, nail the cleats onto the bottom of each one. 

Now, attach the 2x2s to the longer side using the pockethole screws, and then attach the smaller sides.  Once all sides are put together, place the bottom into the toy box and attach to the cleats using glue and finishing nails or screws.

For the top hinges you will need to use the router to make room for the hinges to sit. To make the cut, I draw a line on both side of the hinge to note the area that needs to be trimmed lower and then attach a straight edged board there to make sure that I do not go lower than needed. I personally use a handheld router with a flush routing bit.

At this point, prime and paint the box, top trim boards and the lid separately.  If you are putting a name or design on the box you can do this with a stencil or by creating one on a Cricut (click here for an example).  Once all the painting is complete and dried, put on a couple of coats of polycrylic.

Once this is complete, attach the hinge to both the top of the toy box and the lid.  I have found that this works best by drawing a line underneath once you have dry placed the top that traces where the hinges are to go.  Then, screw the hinges onto the lid first and the box last.

Now, with the top on, attach the 1x3 curved board and the two 1x2 side pieces.  Add some toys and you have a new storage area for all the little one’s toysJ

Hope You Enjoy!




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