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I feel like it has been forever since I have posted anything, but I am really excited about all the upcoming projects I have going on.  I have just been really busy with….well life.  Of course, I rang in the New Year with no voice and a horrible cold, but I did it with family so that was awesome.  If I were superstitious I would think that was bad luck for my year, but I am claiming really great things for 2015.  I am also excited about all the projects I have been working on and excited to get those things out to you guys.   

Some things I am looking to add this year are more crafting projects, recipes and organizational posts in addition to my DIY furniture building.  We have five kids, if you count my husband six, so I do have to have some shortcuts in life to make it all work.  I am really looking forward to getting some of those things out to you guys.  I want this year to be a year that I grow in my skills and am able to help others grow in theirs.

So today I want to begin by sharing how to easily caulk around built‐ins, baseboards and shoe molding.  Seriously, a quick and easy way! Of course, after building our new entryway built‐in (which I'm totally in love with), I was left with some little gaps here and there that needed filling.  Why can't walls just be perfectly square?  Anyway, I digress. Caulking makes everything look smooth and like it was all formed together just perfectly.  It is the magical finish to any project.

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