Saving money often seems like an impossible task, however, I am going to share 8 easy ways you can save money now.  Typically we find it hard to start saving because we are afraid to give up all the things we love.  For me, it’s StarbucksJ These steps will help to save you money now without huge sacrifices.  I personally have saved hundreds of dollars a month using each of these methods, and it has given my family and me so much peace of mind.  It all started about a year ago when I decided that I needed to decrease my work hours to spend more time at home with my family, focusing on what was most important to our needs at the moment.  At first I didn’t know where to start, but by faith and following these steps I was able to accomplish my goal without the budget suffering. In fact, by actually paying more attention to where our money was going, I was able to better to control the flow, and you will too!

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