lego table with storage
After stepping on Lego’s for FOREVER, I decided it was time to build my son his own Lego Table with storage, putting me one happy step closer towards the completion of my son’s Superhero themed bedroom.  If you remember last summer I made him the really cool Superhero Toy Box, then it was on to the Superhero Wall Posters that we decoupaged onto wood, and now I get to share this really cool Lego Table.  This table is multi-functional with lots of storage for thousands of Lego’s.  First, it has storage both underneath the Lego table top, a storage pocket off to the side of the table top, and a shelf underneath.  The Lego table top is removable and portable and can be carried anywhere your little one wants to take it.  So, they can sit at the table and play with Lego’s or on the floor with the removable tray.  Long gone are my days of stepping on Lego’s (hopefully)!

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