toilet flange repair
Has it been a long time since I’ve had a chance to write or what?!  And of course, my first topic would be about a TOILET!  Unfortunately I have been a little down from surgery, but things are moving in the right direction finally and I’m back to doing what I love.  I deal with chronic medical issues daily, but I believe in the power of positivity for both body and spirit and….this DIY blog helps me keep my sanity!

So, back to the toilet and how it all began!  Well, a couple of weeks prior to my surgery my husband decides that he wants to help tile the bathroom with me.  Realizing that I would be a little down because of my health, he decides to take on a bigger role that normal.  So what was the problem?  We are like oil and water in the world of DIY.  While “opposites attract” like Paula Abdhul taught us in her music video, it doesn’t quite always work that way when you need to tile your bathroom…for the first time ever!

Everything started off smooth, we had our plan, we had our supplies, but as soon as the original linoleum was lifted the plans were out the window and so was our budget.  There was massive mold around the toilet…UUGHHH!  I’m not talking about the small amount like we found when installing laminate in our kitchen (which led to my post about “Why Not to Install Laminate Over Linoleum”), but I’m talking about a “rotten” subfloor type of mold.  

My husband, studying to be a general contractor, decides he feels super confident in cutting out the subfloor portion and replacing the molded area.  (This is after we tried bleaching it and other less invasive methods, of course).  He did a great job, but our real problem, and the cause of the leak was a broken, and now severely molded toilet flange.  So, at this point Google is now my friend and I’m researching how to replace it, how to get it off…etc.  I then run to Home Depot to try to find some supplies to help.  However, my husband decides he has figured it out and decides to move forward in “removing” the toilet flange. (And might I just add in that it took at least 5 trips to both Home Depot and Lowe’s, and 2 additional trips to return unused supplies)

Sorry, I keep digressing.  Back to the story.  So I get home and my husband has started to cut off the toilet flange with a reciprocal saw because it is cemented on and there is no “removing” it easily without damaging the PVC drain pipe.  Of course, I’m still on Google going “Wait, wait, you can’t do that!”.  

I had read that there were 2 methods possible other than cutting the PVC drain pipe.  The first was to chisel off the toilet flange (ummm, didn’t work successfully),  and using a chemical solvent to help loosen the cement’s hold (could not find it, and was scared to use it because of lack of ventilation, and it didn’t matter at this point because my husband had already chipped the drain pipe).

Now, finally to how to replace a toilet flange that is broken beyond repair and a drain pipe!

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