It’s been a long time, but I can finally say I started my Christmas decorating!  So, today I am sharing a lovely Burlap Christmas tree that literally took minutes and cost hardly anything.  Being that I decided to change my entire theme this year, I have had to literally start from scratch.  So imagine how happy I was to find out that ribbon was on sale for 70% off at Michaels, especially considering I had to buy everything.  Somehow last year's burnt orange and turquoise just doesn’t go with red and green plaid.  

So, now that I have finally finished shopping for all the supplies, I am hard at work finishing my overly ambitious list.  My husband actually called me a great “visionary” the other day.  Of course,  he then went on to say “but you don’t always finish what you start.”  What?!  So, you already know what my goal is for 2016…I aim to be a “finisher”!  However, I’m still waiting for my husband to pick up the Christmas tree from the local fire department…that is just a couple of miles from our house…that stays open late hours…but who cares about his “procrastination”?  Ok, jokes aside, back to decorating.

I see these little "cone" shaped trees in all the stores, at a pretty hefty price tag no doubt.  So, I decided to make my own, for a LOT less.  And the best part is this tree is so versatile.  Just simply changing the size of the cone or the ribbon, adding some embellishments, or even a different topper can completely change the look to fit just what you need.  

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