Well, it seems as if Christmas has finally made its way around once again!  Each year it seems as if time moves faster and faster, or maybe it’s because I’m older than I once was I notice it more.  Nonetheless, I am always overjoyed by Christmas Mornings.  They have been so fun for us, and there has never been a dull moment watching all of the kids open their gifts.  The expression on each of their faces is enough to last a lifetime.  And, I can’t forget about my husband’s wonderful gift-giving talents.  He always knows exactly what I want, and I struggle keeping up with all that he spends on me.  Not because I don’t like to buy him stuff, but my love language is Acts of Service, so I tend to focus more on making sure he is fed, the house is clean, he has pajamas, and etc.  

But, Christmas is not just about gifts, even though they are nice.  I think it stretches a lot further than that and has such a greater meaning.  

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